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sexta-feira, 8 de maio de 2015

PAP do Tênis All Star em crochê

DIY, PAP do Tênis All Star em crochê feito pela JOSI, veja abaixo

O pap foi traduzido para o inglês, pela Erika do blog Erika.tricroche.

DIY Tennis All Star in crochet

Now the translation below:

Hello my fellow Hooker.
That’s my humble translation from Brazilian Portuguese to English of the Baby Converse shoes pattern.  I’ll give instructions in American English, because although living in England, I find it easier to remember. However, I’ll translate the stitches’ names to both English, so in doubt, a British Hooker can double check against the original version (which you should keep anyway, as the photographs are really a big part of this pattern.)
Remember that Josi has worked hard to try and finally get this unique pattern, although you may find other Converse patterns on the internet. You can use it, but please, do not sell it or take credit as yours. I have emailed Josi prior to publishing the link on Ravelry and she’s happy to share the pattern, but would like to receive the credit for it. Any questions, please ask. (and I can intermediate a nice conversation =D)
First of all, go to the site of the pattern. There, above each block of pictures you’ll see“Clique na imagem para  ampliar e salvar em seu computador”That means “click here to zoom in and save the photo in your computer”, so you can have it whenever you need it.
1st photo: Passo a passo tenis all star em croche = step by step instructions for converse shoes in crochet
            Clea 1000 Cotton thread in white, pink and red (using 2 threads together) [1]
            Hook 1.75mm [2]
            Hook 1.25 mm (for the laces)

Stitches used (American / British):
 Correntinha(corr) = chain (ch)
                        Ponto alto (pa) = double crochet (dc) / treble
                        Ponto baixo (pb) single crochet (sc) / double crochet
                        Ponto baixissimo (pbx) = slip stitch (sl st / ss)
                        Meio ponto alto (mp) half double crochet (hdc) / half treble (htr)

Note: when said to “make 2 dc tog” it means “make them together in the same stitch”

2nd Photo:      Começar pela sola com fio branco = start from the sole using white thread
1ª carreira: 1st row: 14 ch + 1 ch to turn. Then 7sc , 6hdc. In the last ch make 9hdc and turn. Go back on the other side of the ch, making 6hdc and 6 sc. In the last ch (where you made the first sc) make 4 sc. Fasten with sl st. Do not turn.
2ª carreira: 2nd row: work in circular rows. Ch3, 14 dc, *2dc tog, repeat from * 7 times; make 14 dc, 2dc tog, repeat * 2 times; sl st on ch3
3ª carreira: 3rd row: ch3, 14dc, (2dc tog, 1dc) 3 times; (2dc tog) 3 times; (1dc, 2dc tog) 3 times; 14 dc; (2dc) 6 times; sl st on ch3

3rd photo:
4ª carreira: 4th row: Still using white thread, start making the sides, still circular rows. Ch3 and 1 dc on each stitch. Fasten with sl st.
5ª carreira e 6ª carreira: 5th and 6th rows: repeat 4th row. Fasten off
7ª carreira: 7th row: Using red thread make 1sc on each dc. Fasten off with sl st.
8ª carreira: 8th row: Using white thread, make 1sc on each sc. Fasten off with sl st.
Depois da 8ª carreira: After the 8th row: between the 3rd row (sole) and the 4th row (side) make a row of sc on each stitch, to make the sole well defined. Fasten off

4th photo:
(on the top picture): I do this way for the 9th row, starting from here (arrow pints the red pin)
9ª carreira: 9th row: use pink thread. See the picture to understand better. Fold the work lengthways. Leave 7 gaps between the sc and start 25 dc with pink thread. Since it is also divided on the other side, you’ll have 14 gaps in front (where you’ll make dc in white at a later stage) and 50 for the sides in pink. From now on, turn the work at the end of each row.
(on the picture in the middle): You’ll do the 14 dc here for the front of the shoe.
10ª carreira: 10th row: work back 50 sc

5th photo:
top picture: beginning of 11th row.
Second picture: end of 11th row
11ª carreira: 11th row: at the end of 10th row, tunr your work, ch4 skip 2 sc below and make 1dc on each sc (46); ch 4, skip 2 sc below, sc. Turn, making 1sl st in each ch
12ª carreira: 12th row: 46 sc
13ª carreira: 13th row: work as 11th row (you’ll have 42 dc)
14ª carreira: 14th row: work as 12th row
15ª carreira: 15th row: work as 11th row (you’ll have 38 dc). ATTENTION: If you’re comparing this translation against the original text, you’ll see that Josi calls for 48 stitches, but if you look at the final picture here you’ll see that the in each row there’s a decrease of 4 stitches in each side, so here you have 38 dc)
16ª carreira: 16th row: work as 12th row
17ª carreira: 17th row: work as 11th row (you’ll have 34 dc). Do not work the sl st. Fasten off. You can make a few more rows if you want.

6th photo:
1 – Front. Using white thread, ch 4, then 7 dc in the 4th ch from the hook. Ch3 and turn
2 – 2 dc tog in each dc (14 in total). Ch 2 and turn
3 – 1 sc in each dc then ch 1 and do 10 sc on the base of you semi-circle (as shown by the top pink arrow)
4 – After the 10sc, fasten off
5 – Using the pink thread, make 10 dc on the 10 sc in white. Repeat to a total of 7 rows and then 2 rows of 10 sc. Fasten off
6 – The front (tongue) is ready, now it just needs to be sewn to the shoes.
7, 8 and 9 – How to sew your shoes (just the white part)

7th photo
1 – Using white thread, ch 4 and make 19 dc on the 4th ch from the hook. Close with a sl st .
2 – Make 1 sc on each dc, close with a sl st and fasten off
3 to 9 – That’s how you make the “star”. You can use any colours you like.
10 – Sew it on the side, where you find it easier.
11 – Sewn.

8th photo
1 – Now the laces. Use white thread, single and 1.25 hook. Ch 190, ch1 turn and make 1 sc on each ch. Fasten off.
2 – One side has the turning chain and the other has the beginning and ending threads.
3 – Pass a small thread through the turning chain (pink arrow). Use varnish for crafts to make it stiff, like real laces. Remember to let it dry completely and wash the shoes before the first use!
4  to 6– Laces ready! Now just make the other one!

[1]  See Ravelry for Clea 1000 and find a similar thread in your area
[2] Josi doesn’t give instructions for gauge, so I made just the sole of my shoes to compare with other baby shoes and try the texture. It worked fine for me.

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